Vigo Heart

Vigo Heart is an easy-to-use, continuous ECG monitoring solution with excellent clinical accuracy to detect Arrhythmia. It yields 99.3% 10 analysable data in real-life situations, with complete mobility for the user.

With FDA-approved biosensor and AI, capable of detecting more than 20 types of significant arrhythmias, with 96.7% clinical accuracy9. Vigo Heart wireless Holter solution is revolutionising arrhythmia detection across the healthcare landscape.

By ensuring critical patient diagnosis time managed, Vigo Heart comprehensive reports are delivered within 4 hours of monitoring completion.

Studies have shown that extended long-term electrocardiograph (ECG) monitoring is significantly more effective in detecting arrhythmias, specifically detecting 87% of arrhythmias over 4 days compared to 55% over 1 day7.


Clinical Support

    • The convenience of a shower proof and wireless Bluetooth patch device for the patient.
    • Freed of wires, the Vigo Heart robust and reliable patch device and mobile phone application ensures the best opportunity for data collection, allowing the wearer to continue with their regular routine uninhibited – sleeping, showering, exercising, for one or several days.
    • Delivering very 96% 10 yields of quality data and review by A.I. and ECG technologists with reports back within four hours of the completion of the monitoring period. 


Patient and Practice Convenience

Patient Heart health care managed accurately and conveniently.

Patient and Clinicians connected through Smart Phone apps