Vigo Vitals (Available soon)

Vigo Vitals is an integrated Patient vitals monitoring solution designed to enable clinicians to detect patient deterioration early, both within and beyond healthcare settings.

The Vigo Heart (under 5 grams) patch placed on the chest, and combined with Blood Pressure cuffs, Oxygen and Temperature medical grade devices provide data on heart rate, ECG, temperature, respiratory rate and blood oxygen (SpO2) – the key parameters that play a major role in making decisions on treatment.

With intermittent monitoring and ‘spot checks’ known to lead to adverse patient outcomes, continuous monitoring of vitals managed through a centralised command centre and customisable alerts can help significantly ease the burden on nurses and assist with data supporting trends-based care decisions, in real time and with convenience.

The platform uses an AI driven decision support system based on questions to check symptom pathways coupled with vitals provides proactive clinical decision support to assist in staying ahead of any potential patient complications. The Clinician app provides remote access ensuring continuous patient and support contact.

Investigate suitability for post-surgical, general, specialty ward, or a remote patient recovering at home.