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VIGO Heart

Patients with a suspected irregular heart rhythm (arrythmia) or unexplained fainting require further investigation. A standard electrocardiogram (ECG) doesn’t always detect changes in heart rhythm because it monitors the heart for only a few minutes. The doctor may wish to assess the heart rhythm for 24 hours or longer.

The standard of care for this is the Holter monitor, which is a small device that is connected via cables to electrodes stuck on your chest. Vigo Heart is an modern, comprehensive solution that allows extended monitoring of a patient’s daily ECG (heart) rhythms.


Holter Monitor Vigo Heart
  • The Holter monitor was released for commercial production in 1962, almost 60 years ago.
  1. The VIGO Heart Solution uses technological advances to enhance patient monitoring.
  • The device can be cumbersome for patients, impairing activities that may precipitate symptoms and may affect their sleep.
  1. An FDA-approved wireless biosensor patch is applied to the body providing 99.3% analysable data

  • The device cannot be used while showering or bathing.
  1. Heart monitoring happens through a user-friendly app installed on your mobile phone
  • Patients may not experience symptoms or cardiac arrhythmias during the recording period.
  1. ECG data is recorded & processed through cloud-based Artificial Intelligence

  • Technical problems, such as loss of battery power, disconnection of electrodes and electrostatic interference may affect the performance of the Holter.
  1. Reports are validated by inhouse certified ECG technicians before publishing

  • Patients face logistic challenges such as having to book the Holter monitor, which is subject to availability at the service provider. The monitor must also be physically collected and returned to the facility.
  1. Results are available on the app or via email within 2 hrs from completion of monitoring

  • The old technology means that the technician has to upload the data for their analysis; analogue signals and paper-based reports are still used by some providers and there is no opportunity for real-time monitoring & intervention.
  1. Analysis covers >20 heart arrhythmias facilitating proactive & early interventions

  1. Enhanced readability with customised summaries make it attractive for the Dr to review
  1. Proprietary technology combined with 24/7 customer support ensures seamless connectivity

VIGO Heart Solution